About Madrona Building Solutions

Madrona Building Solutions provides home inspections, building performance testing and consulting, and healthy home assessments. We specialize in providing a thorough analysis of existing and new homes, understanding building science, and seeing the interconnectedness of the many complex systems within a building. We serve as a trusted third party that helps clients learn more and decide what is best for their building. 

Certified & Licensed

Jeff Aslan is a certified Home Energy Rater, and licensed Home Inspector. He is also a Certified Healthy Homes Inspector and Indoor Air Quality Consultant. He has a over a decade of experience in the construction industry from providing energy audits for commercial buildings to designing high performance HVAC system and installing solar energy systems. He studied energy efficiency at Vermont’s Institute for Energy and the Environment.  With a wide range of construction experience and education, Jeff has a strong understanding of modern building science and is able to provide comprehensive reports that are easy to understand.

Outside of work, Jeff serves as a board member for the Kulshan Community Land Trust and volunteer rescuer with Bellingham Mountain Rescue. He is a husband, and a father and you will often find him with his family trail running, mountain biking, backcountry skiing and climbing in the North Cascades.

Home Energy Rater
Built Green Verifier
Indoor Air Quality Consultant
Energy Star Rater
Certified Energy Auditor
Home Inspector